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October 2017

1 Due date for payment of Corporation Tax for period ended 31 December 2016.
5 Deadline for notifying HMRC of new sources of taxable income or gains or liability to the High Income Child Benefit Charge for 2016/17 if no tax return has been issued.
14 Due date for income tax for the CT61 quarter to 30 September 2017.
19 Tax and NICs due under a 2016/17 PAYE Settlement Agreement.
PAYE, Student loan and CIS deductions are due for the month to 5 October 2017.
PAYE quarterly payments are due for small employers for the pay periods 6 July 2017 to 5 October 2017.
31 Deadline for HMRC to receive your 2016/17 paper self assessment tax return (SATR).
Deadline for 2016/17 paper SATR if you expect tax to be collected by adjustment to your 2018/19 PAYE code and/or you require a paper bill in time to make payment by the due date.